Compound Weekly Issue #1

The beginning of something great

Hey Friends, 

Thank you all for your participation in Compound over these last few weeks! It’s been a fun experiment in collaborative publishing and we’re excited to continue to hang out, write and grow together.

Today, we’re starting a weekly newsletter to highlight published works from the community and share opportunities for discussion, editing, and collaboration.

Published Works: 

Chris Sheffield on Leadership Lessons from Coaching Soccer. Some takeaways from the community: “I should spend more time thinking about how each member of the teams I work with needs to be delivered information… sometimes it’s easy to slip because I’ve explained something 3x, but you can never repeat yourself too many times with a group.”

Jesse Evans on Instinctual Politics.“By choosing a side without really understanding the evidence, we lead ourselves into a common pitfall: the “there’s nothing you can do to change my mind” trap.”

Joe Davy encouraged his community to buy gift cards and support local small businesses. “Gift card revenue will allow businesses to keep their doors open. When the crisis ends, you’ll have a great list of new gyms, restaurants, and businesses to visit.”

Works in Progress:

Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack and show support:

River is working on a post covering Maritime Nuclear Shipping, a fascinating topic.

Chris Sheffield’s second draft on “Why can’t we buy a Tesla, Dad?” is ready for review. 

Upcoming Events:

Our first event, Intros & Q2 Writing Goals will take place this Saturday, April 11th at 3 pm PST. Register if you haven’t already done so, and come prepared with a couple of ideas for what you want to accomplish this quarter (ex. write a long-form essay, Tweet more, etc.).

Tips & Tricks:

“Verbal presentations are generally a lot more verbose (go figure), but some of the things that take two seconds to say out loud but three lines to write clearly. It might be worth going through the piece section by section and finding those things that were quick to say but long to write, and removing or shortening them.” - Jesse Evers 

That’s all for this week, folks.
Stew & Dan