Compound Weekly Issue #2

Tips & Tricks from Q2 Goal Setting

Hey Friends, 

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our first community zoom last night, that was a blast. If you weren’t able to make it, no worries, we’ll be publishing an event calendar soon with plenty of opportunities to meet other Compound members and learn about how to improve your writing practice. In the meantime, we’ve summarized some of the insights from the call below. But first, some recognition for this week’s final pieces:


River Bennett on Decarbonizing a Big Polluter: Maritime Shipping

“The attributes of maritime nuclear propulsion explain why this is an attractive fuel option for shipping. Nuclear allows for cogeneration of both electricity and heat with refueling taking place over the timespan of years. Instead of refueling while at port, vessels could in theory SELL their power to local electricity grids. All of this without any emissions and a manageable waste product at the backend.”

Chris Sheffield on “Why Can’t We Buy A Tesla, Dad?”

“Weighing up the pro’s and con’s is always a good starting point to identify the investment. The next step is overlaying your own framework of sacrifice and reward. In the long run, is the new shiny reward worth the sacrifice of a truly valuable asset.”

Dan Hunt on Balancing Serendipity & Intention
There's a balance to serendipity and intention. Chaos and order. Ying and yang. Now's a good time to assess it. I was previously a bit over-indexed on chaos, I must admit. When we return I think I'll continue to be intentional with my mornings and create an environment for serendipity in the afternoons.”


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack and show support:

Jesse Evens on Using the (function …) target in org-capture

Tips & Tricks:

This week, some insight from the community on creating a writing practice.

“What have you done to help build a consistent writing habit?”

  • Tarris Batiste: Know your when. When are you most productive? Make it a point to write then.

  • Dan Li: Add writing time to your calendar. Schedule your writing time as you would any other priority. Also, consider telling your audience when you plan to publish (“every Monday”) and use social accountability to guilt you into shipping.

  • Richie Bonilla: There is a proactive and reactive part of each day. Guard your proactive time and use it. Make sure you’re making a conscious choice when you shift into a “reactive” mode (i.e. open up your phone/email).

  • Mike Saloio: Set clear expectations on how responsive you are. Don’t feel the need to respond to inbound Slack notifications/emails ASAP. After all, do you expect others to do the same when you message them?

  • Bhaumik Patel: I’ve turned off Slack notification badges & updated my status to be offline by default.

That’s all for this week, folks.
Stew & Dan