Compound Weekly - Issue #5

Three insights from the community

Hey Friends, 

It’s been a great week in Compoundville. We’re very grateful to Lindsey Quinn for answering all our questions and to everyone who joined us. We’re excited to keep the good time rolling and have a number of other events we’ll be announcing soon. Stay tuned and stay writing…

Here’s a quick recap of this week in Compound:

Published Works: 

Stew Fortier - Why You Should Write Online

Diana Hawk - Humor Is a Skill... Here's How to Get Better at It 

Jason Grad - The Secret of Top 1% Sales Reps: Creating Multidimensional Value

Chris Sheffield - Why We Can't Look Away 

Trey Harnden - The Vast Majority of Food You Buy is Sold by a Few Companies


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack to show support:

Joel Christiansen - Love for Portland Bike Riding

Kelly Walborn - Cold Call Scripting Pt 1. 

Brendan J Short - The Most Important Outbound Metric That No One Is Talking About

Chris Sheffield - Return of The Success Formula

Donald Carnicky - Untitled

Insights from The Community 

On Giving Good Feedback

We’re super excited to welcome Lindsey Quinn former Editor-in-Chief at The Hustle to the Compound community. She gave us an awesome framework today on our call for helping each other provide better feedback and editing on our posts. Define three things prior to sending your work through #drafts: 

  1. Audience - who are you writing this for? 

  2. Objectives - what’s the reason you’re writing this? 

  3. Remember - what’s one thing you want your reader to take away? 

Thanks to everyone who joined us!

On Business Building

Interested in how writing online might help you grow your business? There’s never been a better time, and David Perell and Sahil Lavingia outline why in an enlightening chat. TLDR? Here’s a twitter thread that sums it up. Thanks to Brendan Short for sharing. 

On Note-Taking

Stuck between the tangibility of writing notes by hand and the speed and indexing of notes on your computer? Grab an iPad, Pencil, and this cover that will simulate paper. Thanks to Dan Li for the recommendation. 

That’s all for this week, folks.
Stew & Dan