Compound Weekly Issue #6

A Special Gift From The Community

Hey Friends, 

We’re thrilled today to welcome more amazing new humans to our community, share an exciting upcoming event, and give you a very special discount on a member publication.

First, a quick recap of this week in Compound:

Published Works: 

Nathan Baschez - How creators can go "on tour" on the internet 

Ashoka Rajendra - Opening Up is The Wrong Mental Model

Bhaumik Patel - A Short History of Learning Communities

Jason Grad - Get off your a** and do something

Joel Christiansen - Portland's Bicycle Network: Connecting Community

Diana Hawk - Why Problems Are Good

Jesse Evers - Types vs. datatypes vs. typeclasses in Haskell

Trey Harnden - The Keys to Climbing: A Beginners Guide


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack to show support:

Julia LaSalvia - The Night Serum Diaries: How I Got Cracked Out on Anti-Aging Products

Chris Sheffield - Money Jordans

Danny Miranda - Change Your Life by Getting (And Staying) In Motion

Dan Hunt - Life Exponentials

A Gift From The Community

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Nathan Baschez and Paul Smalera to Compound this week. They both work on one of the (the?) most trafficked substacks on the internet:

They’ll be giving free access to the bundle to anybody in the community who’s interested. That’s a $200/yr value! We’re beyond grateful. Please DM Stew on Slack to be added to the list. 

Upcoming Event 

Our next event is a Round Table Draft Discussion on Sunday 5/24, 12 PST / 3 EST. We already have 14 RSVPs! If you’d like to join, hop in the #general channel and indicate your availability. This will be a casual event and opportunity for us to work through some drafts together. Come prepared with a rough idea for what you’d like to write about next. We’ll each have 3 minutes to share our idea with the group and ask for any specific feedback or support you might need. Calendar invites coming shortly.

Writing Resources 

Over the coming months, we’ll be building out a resource center to help writers produce better long-form content online. The first resource is a video recording and recap of the Lindsey Quinn Q&A from last week. There are quite a few gold nuggets in there so we wanted to make it easy to reference long into the future!

That’s all for this week, folks.
Stew & Dan