Compound Weekly Issue #7

Some Numbers

Hey Friends, 

Thanks to everyone for another great week! We collectively published another eight pieces of work this week and have published 43 works since we started writing together in mid-March. Pretty cool!

A quick recap of the week:

Published Works: 

Danny Miranda - How This 17th Century Discovery Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals Today

Chris Sheffield - Money Jordans

Danny Miranda - Why You Should Utilize Seasons for Your Own Success

Megan Groves - The Startup Founder’s Guide to Less Painful Layoffs

Brendan J Short - The Most Important Outbound Metric That No One Is Talking About

Jason Grad - Sell or Die: How to Get Your First SaaS Customers?

Joel Christiansen - Dynamic Autocomplete in Rails 6

Kelly Walborn - Cold Call Scripting: A Journey of Self Education


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack to show support:

Diana Hawk  - Diana's Fiction Query Letter

Joel Christiansen - History of amendments to Oregon's employment-related noncompete statute

Upcoming Event 

Our next event is a Round Table Draft Discussion on Sunday 5/24, 12 PST / 3 EST. We already have 15 RSVPs! 

This will be a casual event and opportunity for us to work through some drafts together. Come prepared with a rough idea for what you’d like to write about next. We’ll each have 3 minutes to share our idea with the group and ask for any specific feedback or support you might need

If you’d like to join, hop in the #general channel and indicate your availability. We’ll shoot you a calendar invite right afterward.

That’s all for this week, folks.
Stew & Dan