Compound Weekly Issue #8

Has it already been two months?

Hey Friends, 

We had a blast at yesterday’s round table draft discussion (you’ll notice all the outstanding drafts as a result below!) and are excited to keep the live events coming. We have one this weekend we’re especially excited about..

But first, a quick recap of the week:

Published Works: 

Jesse Evers - Embrace The Suck

Danny Miranda - Accept Life's Gifts

Jason Grad -A Pragmatist's Guide to Finding Your Calling

Eugene Yan - 6 Little-Known Challenges After Deploying Machine Learning


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack to show support:

Chris Sheffield - Spotify Takes A Big Bit of The Pie

Megan Groves - The New Model for Manufacturing

Jason Grad - How I Overcame ADHD to Live Life in HD

Eugene Yan - A Practical Guide to After Deploying Machine Learning

Joel Christiansen - Build a Trial Court Records Scraper

Rohan Williams - An Elegy For The Office

Upcoming Events 

Our next event will be a Q&A with Paul Smalera on 5/30 at 12 pm PST.

Paul has spent his career working in some of the best newsrooms on the planet. He’s written and edited stories about technology, business, and opinion at The New York Times, Fortune, Quartz, Fast Company, Reuters, Slate, and, most recently, Medium.

He’s an expert on how to write memorable stories and on how traditional media organizations and newsrooms are managed. Most recently, he’s helped launch one of Substack’s most popular paid newsletters:

At this members-only event, Paul will share the lessons he’s learned working in traditional media and how they can be leveraged by just about anybody who writes online.

Paul and Stew will do a deep dive into:

  • Ideation: How to pick powerful, resonate topics to write about.

  • Pitching: How to frame your ideas so they get other people excited.

  • Distribution: How to convince outlets to share your stuff.

  • Editing: How to turn a first draft into a timeless story.

Afterward, we’ll do a 20-minute Q&A with the entire group where Paul can answer any questions that come up.

That’s all for this week, folks.
Dan & Stew