Compound Weekly Issue #9

Notes from our Q&A with Paul Smalera

Hey Friends, 

We had a blast at yesterday’s Q&A with Paul Smalera. If you missed it, hop in #general on slack and check out the recording and key takeaways. We learned a ton! 

First, a brief recap of last week in Compound:

Published Works: 

Kevin Shiuan - Where to Pile Your Hard-earned Pennies

Jason Grad - What happens when you send files on the internet? 

Eugene Yan - A Practical Guide to Maintaining Machine Learning

Jason Grad - How I overcame ADHD to live life in HD

Chris Sheffield - Rogan joins Team Spotify

Joel Christiansen - Build a Trial Court Records Scraper


Here are some drafts that need feedback & editing from the community. Take some time this week and jump back into Slack to show support:

Brendan J Short - The Riot Had to Be Outside My Window for Me to Join It

Megan Groves - Strengthening our Commitment to Women Founders

Joel Christiansen - Confronting Power in Network-Based Social Systems

Alberto Arenaza - Growing up in Zoom Schools

Upcoming Event:

Our next event is with Lindsey Quinn on Sun. June 7th @ 12 PM PST

Lindsey ran the writer’s room at The Hustle from their early days through them crossing nearly 1 million subscribers.

And there’s a reason they grew so quickly: they write great stuff.

Recently, Lindsey’s been helping other early-stage companies do the same thing. She helps companies and founders find their voice and create content that’s aligned with their personality and values.

At this members-only event, we’ll put the ideas that Lindsey introduced at the last session into practice:

  • Rapid-Fire Feedback (~10 mins): Lindsey will provide high-level feedback on a few Compound member profiles that are submitted beforehand.

  • Group Editing Session (~25 mins): Lindsey & Stew will share a draft from Compound, we’ll break into teams and group edit the article, then we all reconvene and share our feedback.

  • Lindsey-Led Editing Session (5-10 mins): Lindsey will synthesize the feedback from the group and explain how she would have approached the piece.

  • Q&A / Discussion (~15 mins): We’ll leave plenty of time for discussion and clarifying questions at the end.

If you’d like to join, just reply to this email or let Stew know in Slack, and we’ll add you to the calendar invite!

Dan & Stew